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About Me.

Hi there!!!

I am Kiran, I am a maternity & newborn photographer in Seattle area. I eat, breath and think photography. Being a mom, I know the value of memories...PRECIOUS!


Want to know more about me??


From posing to clicking.. yes, thats me.

My passion for photography started way before I even knew it. I have only discovered it in the last few years.


How did it start? 


I always believed in capturing memories, big or small. Loved taking pictures of myself & friends. Never went to school/college without my camera. Yea, you can call me narcissist. Friendship day, Mothers day, Fathers day, name it, got all of that in my memory Lane.

Now when I look back, I have the smile on my face, so precious! That's the power of images, so beautiful , so timeless.


The belief I had in treasuring life's moments, got me behind the camera so that I could do the same for others.


Now being a MOM my belief has only become stronger. Every single passing day has such a beautiful story to tell and treasure. Capturing those tiny little details is an amazing feeling. 

Thats why Photography is my passion, my second LOVE :)


What can I do for you?


I want to give everyone that magical experience, in my photoshoots. Its just not a 2hr session of posing and smiling, but a fun time with your loved ones, enjoying, playing, laughing & doing things together and capturing it at the same time. And to have all this in your home on a wall?? tell me is it not an amazing feeling :)


Memories are so precious, making them a part of your tradition is what I want to achieve So a shoot every year with your loved ones is way to go, perhaps two :D 

The smile that you will have while you revlive these memories through these pictures, will be nothing but a TREASURE.


I invite you to for a fun filled photoshoot with me.


You create the moments & I capture them for you to cherish :)

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